365 Photos Week 51

Week 51 2014

I actually did some sewing, Yay me! I made myself some Virginia Leggings, after a failed attempt with a Burda leggings pattern that even in a large made my leg look like an over-stuffed sausage and cut of my blood circulation.

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365 Photos Week 50

Week 50 2014

I seem to have writer’s block at the moment, along with some other blocks, right now it’s easier to be active on Instagram. So I’ll just leave you with last week’s photos & say that I’m very much looking forward to a 2 week break from school!

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365 Photos Week 49

Week 49 2014

Despite last week being a horrible week, with far too much going on at once, it ended quite well and even felt a bit Christmasy!

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365 Photos Week 48

Week 48 2014

Last week was so crazy, that I missed posting my last set of photos from Sewvember, so here they are.
24. Challenge
25. Complete
26. Red Hot Mess
27. Best Make
28. Hem
29. Learning
30. Top Tip

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Scandi Baby Nest Sew-along – Completing Your Nest

Almost there, so let’s jump right in, ok?

  • Cut to the last stitch of the mattress seam. Fold in & press the seam allowance (1 cm or 3/8”) to the inside of the bumper and the bottom of the mattress.
  • babynest17 babynest18

  • Leave the bumper open for now. Close the mattress by sewing an edge stitching or sew by hand for a neater finish. (You can also finish by covering the mattress opening with bias tape, see photo below right).
  • babynest19 babynest20

  • If you want to quilt the mattress of your baby nest, now would be a good time. Only quilt inside the curved mattress seam, don’t quilt the bumper.
  • babynest15 babynest16

  • Take your piece of drawstring/cord and pull it through the bias tape channel on the bumper, using a bodkin or a small safety pin.
  • Roll the batting/wadding into a long sausage and pull it through the baby nest bumper. For a fuller bumper, add some stuffing/fiber fill into the sausage before rolling, (it’s a bit like making a Swiss roll cake).
    I also like to sew about 5 stitches along the closing of the batting bumper, to keep it together. One at each end, one in the middle and one in between the middle and end. Don’t bother with knots, just sew through the batting 3 times or so (a bit like making tailor tacks).
  • babynest21 babynest22 babynest23

    babynest24 babynest25

  • Now you can pin & close the bumper. Sew an edge stitching, on the machine or by hand, same as you did to close the mattress. Make sure you keep the drawstring out of the way!
  • babynest26 babynest27

    Your Scandi Baby Nest, should look something like this :)

    babynest28 babynest29

  • The only thing left to do is pull the drawstring/cord to gather the bumper and shape the nest. Tie together or use a cord lock/stopper. Add a baby and you’re finished!!!

babynest30 babynest31

I’d love to see your finished Scandi Baby Nest, if you feel like sharing! Leave me a comment or if you’re on Instagram use #scandibabynest or tag me @jaggedrose :)
If you missed the first part of the Sew-along you can find it here.

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Scandi Baby Nest Sew-along – Let’s Get Sewing!

It’s time for us to start sewing, Yay!

  • Put your 2 baby nest body pieces on top of each other, with right sides together. Pin and sew a seam along the outer edge only.
    Then press that seam open and turn right side out.
  • image image

  • Sew on the bias tape on the right side of the fabric, over the seam you just pressed, starting and finishing about 2.5 cm (1”) from the leg (bumper) edge.
    Fold in the ends about 2 cm (3/4”) and sew a stitch on both sides of the bias tape to create a channel.
  • babynest3 babynest4

    babynest5 babynest6

    Bonus Sew-along Tip!
    Optional – Make a little pocket to hold your drawstring cord.

  • Use your test square if you still have it or cut out a 10 x 10 cm (4″ x 4″) square in your fabric. Fold in 1.25 cm (½”), press and fold the same amount again and press. This is the “top” of your pocket, then fold in and press 1 cm (3/8″) on the remaining 3 sides.
  • Pin your pocket to the leg (bumper) on the “bottom” side of your baby nest, with the “top” of the pocket on it’s side. (See right photo below).
    This way it will be on the outside of your bumper when your nest is complete.
  • Sew along the edge around 3 of the sides, leaving the “top” open and you have a cute little pocket for your drawstring!
  • babynest8 babynest9

  • Put your nest to the side for now and take your 3 pieces of mattress batting/wadding.
    Lay the 3 layers of batting/wadding on top of each other and baste together all around, along the outer edge. This is the mattress for your baby nest.
  • babynest7 babynest10

  • Lay your baby nest flat and pin together both body layers, following the dashed line (outer line) that you have marked on your fabric. By doing this we are making a pocket for the mattress to go in.
  • wpid-babynest1.jpg babynest12

  • Put the mattress inside the baby nest. Pin together through all of the layers (baby nest body and mattress) following the dotted line (inner line). Sew through all of the layers from the bottom edge of your nest to the other bottom edge. (See right photo below).

babynest14 babynest13

We’re almost there, just a few more steps. Come back next week for the final part of the Scandi Baby Nest Sew-along! :)

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365 Photos Week 47

Week 47 2014

Here are my photos from last weeks Sewvember:
17. Planning
18. Fun
19. Fit
20. Notions
21. Craziest Fabric
22. Tried and True
23. Patterns

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Scandi Baby Nest Sew-along – Let’s Get Cutting!

First things first, Sorry for the bad quality of some of the photos, the only weather we’ve had here for the past few weeks is grey clouds and dullness.
Secondly, before we start on our baby nests, have you washed your fabric? If not, do that!
What we need today is: your Scandi Baby Nest pattern (cut out and ready to use), your pre-washed fabric, batting/wadding, pins, a pair of scissors and the marking tool of your choice.

babynesttut11 babynesttut4 babynesttut3 babynesttut1

OK, let’s get started, pinning and cutting!

  • If you are making your nest in two different fabrics or if you want to have a certain print layout for the “top” of your nest, you will probably want to cut out the “bottom” first. As the pattern pieces are only half the width of the actual nest, we need to cut on the fold. Then we need to unpin and re-use the pattern for the next piece, but we also need to add the marking lines onto our fabric.
    You only need to mark your “top” fabric and it’s easiest if the pattern is still pinned on (depending on your choice of marking of course).
  • Fold your fabric, check your pattern will fit and pin in place. You can see in the photo below, I’m following the crosswise grain instead of lengthwise, because that’s what worked best with the amount of fabric I had. Cut out your “bottom” fabric and repeat on your “top” fabric.
  • babynesttut5a

  • Now we need to mark the lines, I think the best way is to mark the lines on the wrong side of the fabric, using dressmaker’s carbon and a tracing wheel. I don’t like marking the right side of my fabric with pens or chalk, in case the markings don’t go away, usually I just mark my lines with pins.
  • babynesttut13 babynesttut15

  • See now we have lines on the wrong side of the fabric, but we want to see them on the front. You can do this however you like, I like to pin along my lines, you could baste along the lines or use tailor tacks to mark.
    By the way, I don’t have giant pins, this is my my doll sized baby nest ;)
  • babynesttut16 babynesttut14

    babynesttut7 babynesttut12

  • All right, you should now have two nest looking fabric pieces, something like this. Now we can cut out the batting, you need the Mattress pattern piece and we are going to cut 3 of these. And like before, we have to fold our batting, because the pattern is only half the width of the actual mattress. Check the layout suggestion for batting in your pattern, I always cut out the mattress pieces first.
  • babynesttut8 babynesttut9 babynesttut10

  • After you’ve cut out the 3 mattress pieces in your batting, just place them on top of each other and we’ll come back to them later. Next we need to cut out the bumper, you measurements are in the pattern. I folded my batting in half because it was already 220 cm wide and just measured and cut until I had a nice long rectangle.

All the prep work is done, you have all your fabric and batting pieces, with all your markings. Next time, we’ll start sewing! :)

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365 Photos Week 46

Week 46 2014

This past week has just flown by, I’ve been busy both at home and at school.
In case you missed my last post, I’ve started a sew-along for my Scandi Baby Nest pattern, you can find the first part here.

This is what’s been happening this week in Sewvember:
10. Inspiration
11. Early Make
12. Favourite Finish
13. View
14. UFO
15. Sewing Library
16. Organisation

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Scandi Baby Nest Tutorial/Sew-along – Fabrics & Supplies

Welcome to the Sew-along for my Scandi Baby nest pattern! :)

Scandi Baby Nest

Today I’ll just be going over the basics we need to get started, fabrics and supplies.

  • You need the pattern, if you don’t have it already, it’s available in my Etsy shop. 15/5/2016 UPDATE: Life is hectic and something had to go, so I have closed my Etsy shop and my pattern is not available.

    Once you have the pattern, print it out on A4 paper or US Letter size paper, make sure you scale to Actual size or 100%. Tilly has a very good post about How To use a digital pattern, if you are new to PDF patterns.

  • You will need fabric for your nest, I recommend a nice soft cotton, quilting cotton works very well. Your fabric shouldn’t be too thin or too thick, just remember that your nest is going to be used a lot, so you don’t want the fabric to be worn out after a few months and you want it to be comfy for your baby to lay on.
  • Choosing fabric is where you can have fun and make a baby nest to your own style! Use the same fabric with a contrasting bias-tape like mine or mix it up like Amy did, with a solid colour and a print fabric, topped off with an bright bias-tape.

babynestScandi Swedish-Baby-Nest-Casing

  • Batting/wadding – check the pattern for the amount you need, depending on the width of the batting you use. This is going to be used for the mattress and for the bumper.
  • Bias-tape – Buy ready made or make your own, 25mm (1″) wide is the best.
  • Drawstring/cord – or use ribbon if you like. I like to use braided cotton or poly cord, it holds well when you tie a knot (or when using a cord stopper), which you’ll need to do to shape your baby nest.

babynesttut4 babynesttut3 babynesttut2 babynesttut1

A few more things you’ll need are:

  • Matching thread.
  • A bodkin or small safety pin – for threading the drawstring/cord.
  • A cord stopper/lock – this is optional, like I said before tying a knot works well too.
  • Stuffing/fiber fill – for the bumper, this is also optional.
  • Scissors, pins, a tape measure and something to mark lines on your fabric (chalk, pen, thread, use what works best for you.)

OK, next time the fun begins, cutting out our fabric and batting! :)

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