Me-Made-May’14 Week 2

MMM'14 - Day 5 MMM'14 - Day 5 Back

Day 5Keyhole tunic in pink viscose with black bows & polka dots. Changed the neckline since I made it, still not 100% happy with it.

MMM'14 - Day7 MMM'14 - Day 8

Day 7 – Green Hemlock tee (again) & very very old green baggy trousers, I think I made them at least 10 years ago.
Day 8 – Self-drafted chiffon polkadot dress. In the link photo from 2012, I was 3 months pregnant & sucking in my little baby bump ;)

MMM'14 - Day 9 MMM'14 - Day 10

Day 9 – My crochet jumper, I love this jumper & am so proud of myself for how well it turned out, as it is the first jumper I’ve ever crocheted :)
Day 10 – Self-drafted sort of kimono sleeve tee, a few years old. I should make some more.

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