365 Photos Week 19

Week 19 2014

Tuesday was my first day back at work, I’m only working Tuesdays for the next few months. We have very good parental leave in Sweden, I stopped working a month before my due date & LL is 13 months old now.
Saturday was sewing day, I kicked my hubby & baby out of the house so I could sew without distractions.

I picked up my sewing machines on Wednesday, they were supposed to be fixed/serviced, but they both still had issues!!! I haven’t used this place before & I can say I was not happy with the quality of the service. On my lovely Pfaff sewing machine, the tension as totally screwed, medium tension was like high tension. So I got out some tools & opened her up myself, to have a look, worked out that they had put the tension dial on wrong & fixed it myself :)
Then we have my lovely Elna overlock, 14 years old, very well used, she was squeaking when I left her in. Still squeaking now, but not so much, apparently they replaced some parts but I don’t know what, but while sewing, the stitches jumped, the needle put huge holes in my tissue jersey & then to make everything worse, a new scratching noise!
By this point I was quite pissed off! I opened her up too & found the source of the scratching noise, I don’t know what the bit is called, but it looked new & it’s screws were loose. After fixing this & with a new needle, my lovely Elna was good as new again, except for the occasional squeaking. So now I can get my sew on again :D

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