365 Photos Week 18

Week 18 2014

I’ve been outside a lot this past week, & the week has certainly had it’s ups & downs.
First, the downs….. I had to leave both my overlock & sewing machine in to be fixed :(
I already whined about this on Thursday, I hate being without my machines, I love them, I need them!!!
I borrowed my mum’s backup machine, but we don’t seem to speak the same language. I finally talked it into cooperating with me so I could at least finish what I was sewing on when my machines broke, (more on that later today). Anyway keep your fingers crossed that I’ll get them back early this week & that it won’t cost me a fortune!

Now for the ups….. Me-Made-May’14 has started, YAY!!!! :D
As I mentioned before this is my first time participating & hopefully by the end of the month I will have a better idea of what I need to sew to work with my life & how to fill my wardrobe with lovely pretty things :) I’ll be updating the blog weekly with my me-made’s, if you missed the first, very short update, it’s over here.

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