Dot-to-Dot Crochet Jumper Finally Finished!

91/365 2014 Dot-to Dot Crochet Jumper

Ta da! My crochet jumper is finally finished & I must say I’m quite proud of myself!
I finished it on Friday & wore it on Saturday for LL’s birthday party, it still needs blocking, I just did the sleeves so I could wear it :)

Dot-to Dot Crochet Jumper Dot-to Dot Crochet Jumper

I started making this in large, I didn’t mind if it turned out being oversized, (not that it is). The arm length is also made in large & then I switched to medium for the rest.

Instead of making the standard foundation chain, I made a double crochet (UK) foundation & did the same on the arms where it was supposed to be chained. I used instructions for the foundation that I found on Purl Bee, it’s my new favourite way to start crochet projects :) What to crochet next?!?

Dot-to Dot Crochet Jumper Dot-to-Dot Collage

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