365 Photos Week 13

Week 13 2014

How can a year have passed so quickly? It was LL’s first birthday on Thursday, it still feels like it was only a few months ago he was born. He’s at such a fun age now, he’s a real little human with a personality & a stubborn streak! He’s walking & pointing & saying something that sounds like What’s that? :D
We had a birthday party for family on Saturday, which he seemed to enjoy, I baked mini tiered cakes (Twice! first batch was an EPIC Fail) with my fancy cake mould. I was going to cover them with butter cream frosting, but ran out of time, so I went with icing (Another Epic fail). Wrong colour, too runny, looked like a halloween volcano eruption of green failure, I’ll post pics another day.

I’ve been looking for inspiration for The Notebook Hollywood Sew-along, I think I’ve got an idea of what I want to try & make, it will either involve a pattern hack/mash-up or I’ll see if I can remember how to draft my own pattern ;)
I also did a spot of gardening yesterday, I bought some spring flowers to brighten up the garden, it’s been a few years since I prettified the garden. After we gave it a complete makeover, seen here & here, it was just mud & work, work, work, so I think I needed it to regrow & settle before my enthusiasm to prettify came back. The last photo is one of my new flowers, it’s a Primula blue zebra, BEAUTIFUL flower!
Oh & that little door in the stone wall is not in our garden (maybe in the future), just something I saw while out walking & thought it was cool.

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