Dot-to-Dot Jumper Update

Dot-to-dot crochet jumper WIP Dot-to-dot crochet jumper WIP Dot-to-dot crochet jumper WIP

Please excuse the crappy photos, we only had sunshine for about 10 mins this morning & then fog, fog & more fog!
After 45 cms of crocheting the same pattern round & around & around I finally got to start on the arms. I followed the first bit of the instructions & thought the sleeve seemed very short, even for 3/4 sleeve (can I call it a sleeve if it’s crocheted?), but figured this is how it should be & then the instructions confused me. I’ve had a horrible cold all week & it’s made my brain a bit fuzzy, I think I read & re-read the instructions for half a day & studied the photos a number of times before I worked out that it wasn’t a typo in the instructions.

I was supposed to add more stitches after the “mini sleeve” I had already crocheted. I wish they had added this little detail onto the technical drawing, to me it looked like the jumper should be a T, arms straight out, no shaping at all. But this “mini sleeve” was in fact shaping, so now that I solved that it’s back to repeating the pattern back & forth, but I’m almost done I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! :)

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