365 Photos Week 9

Week 9 2014

I started last week with the urge to sort through my fabric stash, I have a small pile of fabrics to sell/donate, but for the most part I can’t downsize my stash. I love my fabrics & I have ideas for most of them, I just need time to make everything ;)
We had our first spring like day, I love spring, all the flowers & sun, lovely stuff. On Wednesday I took a really long walk with my Little L about 7 km, it took us 1 hour & 20 mins, he slept the whole time. I also made home-made chocolate granola, I got the recipe from an old episode on Nigella, it’s good stuff. Both LL & I got a horrible cold at the end of the week, we’re still sick, hate being sick & I never get to be “properly sick” anymore. You know when you can just lay in bed all day watching movies & nurse yourself better & just be selfish, but those days are gone for the next few years, I have LL to look after, even if I’m sick.

My plans to finish crocheting my jumper were a bit too ambitious it seems. I think I’m about half way, just finished to body, now I’m starting on the arms & neckline. Fingers crossed to finishing it before the end of March :D

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