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Snowy December

I have a snow hill outside my house, what do you have? =)

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Kitchen has arrived!

Our kitchen has arrived =) Now it is safely tucked away in our living room, soon it will be built & we’ll start destroying the old kitchen. If all goes well the kitchen will be installed during Boxing week, I … Continue reading

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Something to look forward to!

So this is what I’m looking forward to, we ordered a new kitchen. =) It’s an Ikea kitchen, should be arriving this week, not sure when we are getting it installed yet, but if we’re lucky it will be before … Continue reading

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Fun Pressies For Me

I have lovely friends, they buy me the cutest little presents to cheer me up & I’ve needed some cheering up. I’m unemployed again, I hate being unemployed, I lose all energy & inspiration when I have too much time … Continue reading

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Playing with old photos

1. Eliza Jacket Nr.2, 2. Devil Pose, 3. :/, 4. Black & White Devil, 5. Eliza Jacket, 6. Devil, 7. Hiding, 8. Here’s looking at you Kid!, 9. Eliza Jacket

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What happened to my garden?

So we had plans to redo our garden, the 2 big Spruces were taken down the first week we lived in the house & we’ve been slowly working towards our plan. That would be until now……in spring we cut down … Continue reading

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Some old photos =)

1. Princesses, 2. Aurora Dress with crocheted capelet, 3. I’m outta here!, 4. Aurora Dress with crocheted capelet, 5. Oops! :P, 6. Not very ladylike, 7. Avalon Dress, 8. Springtime, 9. Do I fit in?, 10. Princess Envy, 11. Persimmon, … Continue reading

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How I spent my morning!

I spent all morning cutting out 13 obi belts, in different combinations with the Amy Butler fabrics that I have. =) The afternoon was spent watching reruns of Project Runway & trying to get the hang of knitting again. It’s … Continue reading

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Colour Week – Sunday – Red

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Colour Week – Saturday – Blue

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