Something to look forward to!

Kitchen tile Kitchen tile

Kitchen Now Kitchen Drawing

So this is what I’m looking forward to, we ordered a new kitchen. =)
It’s an Ikea kitchen, should be arriving this week, not sure when we are getting it installed yet, but if we’re lucky it will be before New Years.
So now we have a boring white kitchen, I don’t mind small touches of white here & there, but I really hate this kitchen. The new kitchen will be in oak, with a dark grey countertop & light grey tiles, the wall colour is staying the same & the appliances will still be white. The fridge & freezer are a few years old, the dishwasher is new & we are installning a new oven & induction hob.
I can’t wait until it’s complete & I get to reorganise all the cupboards, it’s going to be so fun =D

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