What happened to my garden?

Garden Before 1 Garden Before 2

So we had plans to redo our garden, the 2 big Spruces were taken down the first week we lived in the house & we’ve been slowly working towards our plan.
That would be until now……in spring we cut down all the trees that lined the side of the garden & worked slowly on removing the deep-set roots & tree stumps. Yesterday we had some help on our garden project & when I got home from work, this is what I found. =)
No grass left anywhere, just lots & lots of dirt, the plan was to remove the bushes & tree stumps & level off the garden, but I thought I’d have some grass left somewhere. Ah well this is what happens when you aren’t home to supervise & leave the men to work ;)

Garden After 1 Garden After 2

Now the plan is the let the garden settle until next spring, then we will sow new grass & plant new bushes all around the garden, using all of the land we have which is a few extra meters in the back than it was before. =D

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