365 Photos Week 52 + A Few Days

Week 52 2014

I’m abit late with this post, it’s been a crazy crazy christmas, due to the fact that I had a big school assignment to work on, that was due today.
So now I can try to stress less & start enjoying 2015, I have said to myself that I need to say No to things this year, even if I want to do them.

Ok, so christmas & new years was quite fun, my brother was staying with us, so of course there was gaming going on which is always fun. I do miss my live-in babysitter/personal chef, it was really nice having him here.

29 - 31 December 2014

Here is the secret crochet project I was working on the last few months of 2014, it’s a baby blanket I made for my best friend. I found a solid granny square pattern that I liked & then made the rest up.
Here’s to a great year, filled with creativity & fun! Cheers! :)

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