365 Photos Week 40

Week 40 2014

I really don’t like exams! The assignment I’ve been working on was my exam for the first course at school. I’ve been feeling so stressed about it, I was happy with what I sent in, but now I’m worried that it wasn’t good enough. Feeling like this is very typical me, I put a lot of pressure on myself that things like this must be perfect, I can do the same with my sewing :/ Getting sick with a cold didn’t help matters much either, LL has a bit of a cold too & we expect to get plenty of colds, with all the new germs from nursery.

I bought a second hand Tripp Trapp chair for LL, but it needs some fixing. We took it apart & bought pretty colour to paint with called Retro. The funny thing is it matches the outline on my kitchen wallpaper & that wasn’t planned :)

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