Me-Made-May’14 Week 5

MMM'14 - Day 25 MMM'14 - Day 26

Day 25 – Hot & sunny Sunday, wearing my culottes playsuit, inspired by The Notebook movie.
Day 26 – Wearing my Keyhole tunic in pink viscose with black bows & polka dots.

MMM'14 - Day 28 MMM'14 - Day 28 MMM'14 - Day 29

Day 28 – It was cold here on Wednesday, so I wrapped myself up in a self-drafted cardigan in knit fabric with crocheted edge (completed UFO) & hemlock tee.
Day 29 – Freezing again, wrapped up in my long sleeved hemlock tee & same cardigan as Wednesday.

MMM'14 - Day 30 MMM'14 - Day 31

Day 30 – Your Stash of Fabrics Friday! Wearing my crocheted jumper & petrol hemlock tee. I can’t quite believe I did this but, here I am, surrounded by most of my fabric stash, I also have a MALM chest of 4 drawers filled. Behind me are 4 plastic boxes (31 litres each) & next to it 3 Ikea bags (the high ones). YES, I am a fabric addict & proud of it!!! :D
Day 31 – Last day of MMM’14, wearing my hemlock tee with black lace insert on the back & the only long skirt I own. A very very old self-drafted me-made that doesn’t really fit properly any more, while I’m wearing it, I’ve got it pulled up for more room & the top 6 cm of the zip is open ;) But I love this skirt & can’t get rid of it, so it just hangs in my closet looking pretty, maybe I’ll alter it in the future.

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