Bad Start to Me-Made-May’14

My sewing machine broke & my overlock has “issues” :(
Wednesday morning when I was using my overlock is started squeaking while I was sewing & one of the threads kept jumping out of place. So I gave it a good old clean, which was sorely needed, but it still squeaked, the jumpy thread seemed to stay in place though, small victories. It’s been a while since I cleaned my sewing machine too, so I fixed that while I was at it, but something must have happened. This morning when I started sewing, the bobbin just kept locking & managed to unhook itself :(
It’s done that once before & the hubby helped me get it back in place & it’s been working fine. Today after I got it back in place, it just didn’t sound right, something was clicking & the under stiches were on their way to doing a horrible loopy thing.
To make everything worse, the 1st of May is a holiday in Sweden, so most shops are closed, luckily I found a good place that was open & they were offering a discount on machine services. Now both my overlock & sewing machine are getting a well needed spa treatment, the shop guy said my overlock had a cold, cute way to describe it’s problem :)
I’ve borrowed my Mum’s backup machine, which I hate. But what’s a girl to do, I can’t live without a machine! Keep your fingers crossed that they come home quickly.

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