365 Photos Week 6

Week 6 2014

Another dark & dreary week, but it’s getting warmer, the snow has melted away & we had one day with sunshine. Nature seems to think it’s spring already, there are buds on the trees & bushes, snowdrops are starting to blossom & my tulips have started popping up.

I played around with some dye this week, I had a boring beige cardigan from when I was pregnant, but I’m not a huge beige fan. I had removed the tag & didn’t remember if the cardigan was cotton or acrylic, but I figured I’d try my luck. So I bought a plum coloured dye & crossed my fingers, it was a lovely dark colour in the machine, but of course after it dried it was much much lighter. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to leave it the lighter colour or try dyeing it again & hopefully it will get darker, I really like the colour it was in the machine.

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