If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.


I rarely post private photos of myself, but this photo sort of sums up what I’ve been doing for the past few months. It’s always difficult to find the perfect balance in life, but then again I don’t think the perfect balance exists.
During the past few months, I’ve been working, neglecting my own business & spending alot of time with my dear friends.
Friends & family are very important to me, I love my closest friends, the people I can be myself with, the ones that love me no matter how crazy I am at times.
They let me babble nonstop without telling me to shut up, they make me smile & laugh, they let me refer to myself in the third person (which I seem to do quite alot =P). Thank you my lovely friends for being in my life, you know who you are ;D I love you!

Now I just need to find that balance so I stop neglecting my business, but still have time to laugh, have fun & be with the people I love =)
Step 1 – start sewing on a regular basis again (which I’ve also been neglecting while I’ve been having fun)

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