Kitchen & Entrance Pics Before & After

Kitchen Before Entrance Before

Ok, last pics of the house now for the moment anyway, these are the last bits with interesting changes we’ve done. The Kitchen has been redecorated, but we still have plans to change the cupboards & counter in the future, so no photos of that bit yet.

Kitchen After 1 Kitchen After 2

The Entrance hall is really tiny, but I still like it, the best thing is the tiled floor that we did. My fabric hoops are the first thing you see when you come in, I plan on adding more to the wall. Still have a few more pictures to hang in the hall, small ones with black frames that are going next to the door & one frame needs to be painted black. I’m not really a fan of black, but I do think a few black things look good with the floor.

Entrance After 1 Entrance After 2

Our lovely tiled floor, perfect for dirty shoes, the hat rack & shoe rack are both from Ikea, but in oak, which they don’t seem to have anymore.
The last photo is from under the stairs, I have one of my dolls there, to show off my dresses. I’m still working on the dress that’s on it for the moment.

Entrance After 3 Under Stairs After

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