Moving sucks!!!

As you may have guessed by the title, we have moved into our new house, I really hate moving & we weren’t really very organised. About half of our stuff was packed properly with planning & the rest was just grab a box & throw stuff in, luckily we had lots of friends helping us, Thanks everyone.
We are still busy unpacking & renovating in the house, just finished the floor tiles in the entrance yesterday & I still have the walls to paint in the upstairs & downstairs halls, also above & around the stairs.
There has been a few trips to Ikea which is about 30 mins drive away, we’ve bought white wooden venetian blinds for the living room windows & a lovely roman blind for the patio door.

Slowly our house is starting to feel like a home, I still haven’t set up my craft area, but we are sharing the workroom like we did in our old apartment, we have an extra bedroom here, but I wanted to keep it as a guestroom/future baby room, so then we might aswell share from the start.
I’ll try to add some photos to my house set on flickr later today.

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