We have a house

New House

After what felt like forever with nothing happening, everything is happening really quickly, my hubby to be started at a new job about 2 weeks ago & we found a house, bought it & have started renovating. All of this has happened very quickly, but we are very happy for that.
So now I’m spending my days sandpapering & painting instead of sewing & crafting, there are quite alot of things that need to be fixed up, but it’s so fun.

It’s the perfect size for us, not too big, but there is still room to grow & there is a lovely little corner garden & a garage for hubby to play.
It is what we call in swedish a “Parhus”, so semi-detached or duplex, we think it is a perfect starter house, we’ve only lived together in apartments & I’ve been longing for a house.
Wish us luck that we don’t totally destroy our lovely new house =)

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