Playing around

Car Stamp Paintings

I’ve been playing around with a few things, trying to keep myself busy, I still can’t really concentrate on anything. Still no news on when we can move & all I want to do is pack.
The car stamp is for a friend, I’ve wanted to try this for awhile, making my own stamp using an eraser, for a first try I think it’s quite good.
Then we have some new paintings that I’m going to put in my bedroom (ugh, I just realised I’m not going to have my lovely lilac bedroom anymore) but there is something missing from both of them, but I’m not sure what yet.

Clara Painting Mini Tomte

This painting was half done by the lovely Clara, she painted the background & the silver tree & then got bored & didn’t finish it =)
So I finished it, the bird is from another painting that Clara did, so I took a photo of it & did some editing in Elements & printed them out for my painting.
The last thing I’ve been playing with is a christmas kit of mini tomtes, I find this so funny that they are called that, cause it’s not really english.
Tomten is a swedish word for Santa & tomte is usually said for some little small cute christmas thing, like an elf but not really. Here is what Wikipedia says about the word Tomte.
I’ve also been doing abit of crocheting but that’s for x-mas presents, so I can’t show that yet cause certain people – Hi Mum – read my blog & then the presents won’t be a surprise.

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