Completed projects

crocheted scarf Summer top blue

Projects I’ve been working on, crocheted alpaca twisty scarf, it’s abit short to be worn as a scarf, so for me it’s more like a pretty collar/neck warmer. The dress form I used for the photo is for a child about 8 yrs old, so it would fit them perfectly.
Simple t-shirt that I’m going to wear alot if we have a proper summer here.

summer top green New fabric

Lovely green summer top with crocheted detailing around the armhole, I was going to crochet a sleeve, but that didn’t turn out well, so change of plan & cute edging it is.
Fabrics, ribbons & buttons I bought when I was visiting my mum last weekend, more to add to the piles of everything that are taking over the apartment, but it was so pretty, I couldn’t help myself.

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