Christmas feeling

Pink berries White berries

It almost felt abit christmasy on saturday, it was cold outside, there was frost, the sky was a lovely blue & there were no clouds. Today looks abit dull & grey again, but atleast there is no rain.
It doesn’t feel like it’s only a week until christmas, it almost feels like it’s the beginning of spring.

Red tiger xmas 1 Red tiger xmas 2

When I turned on the christmas tree lights this morning, I thought I saw something moving around in the pile of presents & indeed I did.
I quickly got my camera before he ran away, his name is Red Tiger & I have only seen him once before in the park at the end of summer.
My friend Clara & I usually go for walks & take photos, that day she took Clara Bunny with her & that was when we first met Red Tiger & then we haven’t seen him since, until now.
He dared to come out from under the tree & sit right infront of me, doesn’t he look cute in his little santa hat!
I don’t know how he got in, but he is welcome to stay, he’s been sleeping among the presents, he blends in quite well there, most of them are red.

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