365 Photos Week 28

Week 28 2014

One week on holiday down, one week to go, then I’m going back to work for a month while my hubby is on paternity leave with LL. After that I have one more week with my little Cutiepie before he starts Förskola, which is child care/nursery thing for the youngest kids in Sweden.
We’ve had a few family outings, the most exciting was to The Blue Planet in Copenhagen, I can recommend it if you happen to be in the area.

I said I had some news to share, but I still have a few more t’s to cross & i’s to dot, before I can let you know what it is. I’m really excited, it’s something big (for me anyway) & a bit of a challenge in a good way :)

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365 Photos Week 27

Week 27 2014

It has certainly been an interesting week & I have some news to share later this week ;)

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365 Photos Week 26

Week 26 2014

Well that’s not at all how I planned for my week to go, I started to get sick with a cold, last Wednesday & it’s just been getting worse! Over the weekend I could barely talk, that’s a little better today, but the rest of me is just Blah. I hate being sick, so I’m going to go drink a cup of tea, then go back to bed & wrap myself up in my pretty crocheted blanket & fall asleep to some tacky daytime tv :)

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365 Photos Week 25

Week 25 2014

It was my birthday last Thursday & my brand new Coverstitch arrived that day, lucky me! :D I haven’t had much time to play with it, but I did hem a pair of shorts for LL, I can’t wait to use it more, so many ideas……..
The Coverstitch was a present from my family, I also got a gift card from our friends to spend at the local haberdashery, fun fun fun!!!
Other than that my stash organising slowly continues, if I’m good, I might be done by the end of this year & that feels like a big might ;)

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365 Photos Week 24

Week 24 2014

Sun, sun, sun, rain & sun & finally getting cracking on my fabric organising.
I have a feeling it’s going to take me awhile, going to reorganise my yarn stash too. I also have a huge urge to have a proper sort through my wardrobe & chuck out half my clothes! Time, I need time, it would be lovely to not have to deal with real life, eating, sleeping & just work on my ever growing To-do list!

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365 Photos Week 23

Week 23 2014

This week has been filled with slow knitting, sunshine, wild strawberries, flowers, hand holding & dessert!
Oh & a new book, after seeing many lovely creations during Me-Made-May’14, I had to buy Tilly’s book – Love at first stitch. So far I’ve only flicked through it, but it looks like a good book for beginners. I know how to sew & don’t always read the instructions that come with sewing patterns, but I like to have a good book to refer to sometimes, in case I forget how to do something, maybe I’ll even learn anew way to do things!

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365 Photos Week 22

Week 22 2014

The weather here has been really strange this week, sunny & hot the first 2 days & then freezing cold for 2 days & back to sunny & hot! It’s been a busy week with play dates, work, BBQ, a lunch date with FroYo for dessert, a sewing day & a relaxing day in the sun doing a spot of gardening.
It was also the last week of Me-Made-May, you can read about it here. Other than that I’ve joined a new Outfit-along, hosted by Lladybird & Untangling Knots, it started yesterday. So I’m trying to teach myself to knit again, we’ll see how well that goes! :/

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Me-Made-May’14 – Let’s See What I’ve Learnt

MMM'14 - All Outfits

My pledge was: I, Jennie of www.jaggedrose.se, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade/refashioned item five days/week for the duration of May 2014 & to finish all of my current UFO’s by the 31st of May.

For my first Me-Made-May I think I’ve done pretty well, worn one handmade item almost everyday in May. I haven’t finished all my current UFO’s, I’ve got two or three left, but I did finish most of them.
So what have I learnt from the past month? I like my tees & I don’t really mind taking outfit photos everyday. I really need to make more trousers & a few pairs of shorts, I’d like to try to make some lingerie. I’d also like to have a few more shirts/blouses, at least one blazer & I need a spring/autumn jacket. I certainly have enough fabric in my stash to make all the things I feel I’m missing in my wardrobe ;)

I’ve really enjoyed participating in Me-Made-May & will definitely join in next year.
It’s been fun following everyone, I feel inspired to try some new styles, I’ve found some new blogs to follow & hopefully some new friends! :D
I’m so jealous of all the cute handmade cardigans, that I’m teaching myself to knit again.
I was ok at knitting about 20 years ago when I was a teen, so I’m joining a knit-along & making a cardigan, at least I hope that’s what I’ll do ;)

If you want a recap of my outfits, follow the links.
MMM’14 – Week 1, only half a week.
MMM’14 – Week 2
MMM’14 – Week 3
MMM’14 – Week 4
MMM’14 – Week 5

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Me-Made-May’14 Week 5

MMM'14 - Day 25 MMM'14 - Day 26

Day 25 – Hot & sunny Sunday, wearing my culottes playsuit, inspired by The Notebook movie.
Day 26 – Wearing my Keyhole tunic in pink viscose with black bows & polka dots.

MMM'14 - Day 28 MMM'14 - Day 28 MMM'14 - Day 29

Day 28 – It was cold here on Wednesday, so I wrapped myself up in a self-drafted cardigan in knit fabric with crocheted edge (completed UFO) & hemlock tee.
Day 29 – Freezing again, wrapped up in my long sleeved hemlock tee & same cardigan as Wednesday.

MMM'14 - Day 30 MMM'14 - Day 31

Day 30 – Your Stash of Fabrics Friday! Wearing my crocheted jumper & petrol hemlock tee. I can’t quite believe I did this but, here I am, surrounded by most of my fabric stash, I also have a MALM chest of 4 drawers filled. Behind me are 4 plastic boxes (31 litres each) & next to it 3 Ikea bags (the high ones). YES, I am a fabric addict & proud of it!!! :D
Day 31 – Last day of MMM’14, wearing my hemlock tee with black lace insert on the back & the only long skirt I own. A very very old self-drafted me-made that doesn’t really fit properly any more, while I’m wearing it, I’ve got it pulled up for more room & the top 6 cm of the zip is open ;) But I love this skirt & can’t get rid of it, so it just hangs in my closet looking pretty, maybe I’ll alter it in the future.

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365 Photos Week 21

Week 21 2014

Another hot & sunny week here in the south of Sweden. The lilacs are in bloom & as pretty as they are, I hate them, I’m extremely sensitive to strong smelling flowers. These are only one of many that I can’t be around without getting a killer headache :(
It was Swedish Mothers day yesterday & our local supermarket was giving free roses to all mums, I chose this lovely pink one :)

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