365 Photos Week 10

Week 10 2014

I finally got my Windows tablet back, Yay! I had to send it to Toshiba in Germany to get fixed, it kept freezing & wouldn’t turn off & annoying stuff like that. So I’m happy to have it back, it makes life a little easier & I’ve missed playing the daily challenges in Mahjong ;)

You see that middle photo, it’s an advert from Ikea for their kitchens & what do I see hidden in the cupboard??? A turquoise vintage sewing machine, I love it, I want it!!!
Oh Ikea, why must you tease me.

If you didn’t already know, The Dressmaking Diaries is part of a sew-along inspired by the wonderful film The Notebook. I’m going to try to join in, I love the clothes in the film & have thought about making something inspired from the film before, so now feels like a good time :D

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