Feeling Split


Thanks for the comments on the last post, I had fun taking those photos.

I wrote about a change in the last post & there will be a big change in my life, just not something I had planned. I have plans for Jagged Rose, but I’m still fixing things & will tell you about it when it’s ready.

The thing that I didn’t have planned is that we’re going to move back to the south of Sweden. We had always said we would move back, but I thought we had another year or two, due to certain things that have happened we will be moving much sooner.
I’m happy about this because we will be closer to both of our families, the only problem is I need a date & I don’t have that yet.
I’m one of those people who likes to plan & not having a date is making me restless. I’m feeling very split, my body is still here, but in my head we’ve already moved, so I’m just waiting for everything else to catch up.

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