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Welcome to Stickshopen, the wonderful owner is Gudrun & she will help you with any questions you have about yarn, knitting & crocheting.
Do you want buttons or maybe some beads, little red hearts anyone?

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Maybe you want some yarn, there is quite abit to choose from or a crocheted hat made by my lovely friend Clara, who also has a tour of the shop on her blog. Prehaps we can tempt you with some ribbon or you could just take a break & sit on the sofa.

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Still haven’t decided what yarn you want?, here is some more to choose from.
There are also plenty of knitting & crocheting patterns in the bookcase, just pick a folder & be inspired.

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Need some sewing supplies, just pop up the steps & Voilá.
Fabric, buttons, thread or a sewing pattern, it’s all up here, you want lace there’s a whole bookcase full of it.

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Would you like to follow me outside for a look at part of the christmas display.
Need a present for the baby?, a new bib, we have lots of them, they are both pretty & practical.
If you want a dress we have this lovely dress, made by yours truly.
Remove the red belt if you don’t want to be Lucia & you have a lovely winter wedding dress.

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