Where’s the reset button?

Have you ever felt like starting over?
Now I’m thinking in terms of my house & wardrobe, not my life.
I’ve often thought how nice it would be just to get rid of everything & start over, but to do something like that you need time & money.
And even though I love my house & how we’ve decorated it, sometimes I’d just like to not have to worry about the cost & redo everything.
Same with my wardrobe, I don’t really have a style, I have multiple styles & I mix them together. Not always successfully I might add =)

Maybe this is why I like playing Sims, building houses & decorating them & making people & playing dress up. Which is often the only thing I do when I do play & if you can find the cheats to get unlimited money, well then anything is possible.

So the question is, If you had unlimited resources & could hit the reset button & start over from scratch, would you want to?

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