Pretty Things

Brown Boots Orchid

Pot Dude Pot Dude Mohawk

Yesterday I was doing a happy dance in a shoe shop, Why? Because I can =)
I found these totally gorgeous brown leather boots & the best thing about them, SALE!!! half price, so of course I bought them. As my first week at my new job has been going very well, I felt I deserved them.

Those of you that have read my blog for awhile will know that I kill flowers. I don’t mean too, it just happens, anyway my friend J bought me this pretty orchid when I got my new job & I’m going to try very hard not to kill it.
I got the little dude pot as a belated xmas pressie from my mum & the plant from J.
Little Dude is totally rocking his mohawk, it makes me smile everything I walk past it. =D

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