2010 – A Good Year, let’s hope so!!!


Thinking back on 2009, it didn’t turn out quite the way I hoped. I was hoping to do more with my business, but somehow I never really got the energy or inspiration. Not to say it was a bad year, there were lots of good things that happened.
We’ve moved back to the south of Sweden, which I’ve been wanting to do for many years.
We bought our house & I do love it, we still have a few things to finish on it.
We are closer to family & old friends & some of the new friends moved down here too =)
Other good things that happened – with my new job I found some great new friends, Hi Erica *waves*.
I do miss my old friends too & wish she would move down here too, so we can be silly together again, Hi Clara *waves*, other friends have moved up north, Hi T, L, W & V *Multiple waves*.

I have some things planned for this year, but I might need some help. If it’s really quiet here for too long, please tell me, give me a nudge or a good kick in the a*** =D

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