18th Century Riding Jacket

Riding costume Riding jacket

The first photos of the big project I’ve been working on, the whole look isn’t finished yet, I still need to make a waistcoat & I’m going to try to make a hat.
The costume is going to be worn at a special event, more on that later.
I’m going to take lots more photos when it’s on the customer, with the finished look, but I’m happy with it & so is my customer, which is always good.

I used one of the decorative seams on my new machine, both on the jacket & to hem the skirt. The machine didn’t like sewing a decorative pattern at top speed without a break, I think I had been sewing for about 10 mins without slowing down. I had 4 meters or so to hem & when I had about 1 meter left the machine just froze, flashing display & everything, I turned it off for awhile & it rebooted, luckily =), poor thing hasn’t even been in my apartment for a week & it already had a breakdown =)

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