Made by me

Folding screen

It’s taken me awhile to finish, but atleast I did. I started making this folding screen in the middle of June, last weekend I sewed on the fabric, so now it’s ready to be used. It’s not the straighest screen in the world, it’s not perfect, but I made it & am pleased with myself for that. I did get some help from the Bf & my father-in-law, they put on the hinges because I was busy sewing & they wanted something to do =)
Otherwise I’m still working fulltime & I’ve be altering wedding dresses for customers, very boring changes so no photos, I’ve started on a new big project, more on that when it’s done.
I think it’s time for a blog break as I have lots to do, so I’ll be back with new energy & photos at the end of August.

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