Missing Pieces

Puzzle Ozzy

Last time I went to visit my mum we went through some old games & puzzles. We found a tin with a puzzle but no picture, I took it home & decided to build it, abit of a challenge but fun none the less. As you can see there are 4 pieces missing, it was abit addictive making a puzzle without a picture, I just had to finish it to see what it looked like.

I’ve started working fulltime at the bookshop, so for the next 6 weeks there won’t be much time for sewing/crafting. I will keep you updated on any projects I manage to finish, there are a few I’m working on as always. I’ll leave you with a photo of my mum’s dog Ozzy, he doesn’t like having his photo taken, more photos of Ozzy & other new photos over at Flickr.

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