Kimono Jacket & heart apron

Kimono Jacket Brooch

I’ve had the idea for this jacket in my head since september last year, so I thought it was about time to do something about it. When I was cutting out the pattern I realised I didn’t have enough fabric, so I had to fiddle abit, but it turned out well.
The brooch is made from wire & different beads, wrapped around each other & a brooch pin.

Heart Apron Apron detail

Heart shaped apron for valentines day, with round pockets & a cute little heart patch.

Heart detail Eskimo Yarn

I finally used my ink pad for fabric, just load up the stamp with ink, stamp & then iron for the colour to set, easy peasy, going to try this with more things. New yarn for some project, haven’t decided which one yet, but the colours are so pretty.

20's fabric Liberty Fabric

A late xmas pressie from my Dad, I asked him to buy me Liberty fabrics on ebay, so I got these two, one has already been stretched on a canvas, as you can see. The aqua fabric is so lovely & soft, looking forward to making something nice in it.

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