When I first started this blog it was meant to show my creative side but it also became a place to write about everything & nothing that was going on in my life.

Now I’ve started a new phase in my life, having a creative business, sewing clothes & crafting & I want my blog to follow. To get back to my original plan, to be a creative blog, a place to showcase my work & still interact with people.

Because of this I have removed all of my old posts & am starting fresh. So from now on the focus will be on all creative aspects of my life, sewing, crafting, crocheting, photography & things that inspire me.

I have been quite anonymous before but starting a business means I need to be out there, but that shouldn’t have to affect my family if they don’t want it to. This is another reason why I removed the old posts, again it’s my blog not my families & it’s supposed to be about crafting & being creative.

I hope everyone understands & will follow me into whatever the future may hold, hopefully a good & prosperous life.

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