Room makeover

Room Before Room After1

Well I’m at my mum’s & today is the first day of me relaxing, Sweetie & I arrived saturday afternoon & at 21:30 mum & I started preparing my old bedroom for it’s makeover, good time to start don’t you think :)
The photo to the left is before, we managed to paint the whole room twice on sunday, all the furniture was in the middle of the room, making some areas difficult to paint.
The photo to the right is after the walls have been painted, the blue line is masking tape, I woke up at 6:00 monday morning & decided to put up the tape so I could fix the finishing touches.

Room After2 Room After3

The photo to the left is after I’ve painted the border (the finishing touch), it is around the whole room & the window frame, we love it.
The photo to the right is of the accent wall, all lovely & purple. It really warmed up the room bringing the purple onto the other walls & around the window.
Needless to say mum & I love it, but I don’t think my brother will be very happy about staying in a girly room when he comes to visit.

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