Stash Busting! Nr.1

Stash busting! by Jagged Rose

This is the first thing I made for the Use you stash challenge. I know it doesn’t officially start until Monday, but as I work a full-time job with varying shifts, I thought I’d get a head start on my day off.
I plan on making this in a few other fabrics, the neckline isn’t quiet right, but the next top should be better. The pattern is from Burda, issue 2/2010, can also be found here.
I adjusted the neckline, opened it up more, added to the shoulder & widened the arm.
The top weighs 130 grams (0,13 kilos) according to my kitchen scale, that just feels like such a tiny amount =/ I still have some scraps left, that I will use for another project.

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