Back at work

Luckily for me, my first week back at the bookshop is a short one, today is my last day this week. Long weekend for relaxing & working on the dress, I cut out the bodice & a short skirt yesterday, just so I can see if anything needs to be changed, I have a fitting on saturday.
Can’t wait to start on the real thing, but I doubt I’ll do much next week, as I’m going to be working monday – saturday.

Still working on my ripple blanket, it’s coming along slowly, I think I’ve added 2 rows in the past two weeks.
Being the person that I am, when I have a big project that needs my full concentration, I of course get ideas for other things & my mind starts to plan the new ideas instead of thinking about the big project that is more important.
Discipline is the name of the game & I haven’t fully mastered it, oh well, I’ll have to master that later, now I need to get ready for work at the bookshop.

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